Sunday, June 15, 2008

Anchors Aweigh

On May 14th, my friend Ryan over at Main Street Gazette posted an article about the details found in the bathrooms at Camp Minnie-Mickey. I'll admit that I too share a fondness for bathroom decorations that employ the same story-telling techniques found elsewhere on property. It's a touchy subject, bathroom details, so I've held off sharing anything up to this point, until now. 

These gorgeous tiles can be found in the bathrooms at Pirates of the Caribbean. They are full of so much amazing detail that it's hard to believe they were relegated to such a place. Large colorful fish surround a vessel that bears Viking influences, and if you look closely, you may even spot a lone passenger onboard.


-- Ryan P. Wilson said...

Yeah Jessica! What a nice foray into the lavatory. That is a fantastic detail, and it is always nice to not feel alone in a search for off-beat details.

Oh, and many thanks for the mention!

Doc Terminus said...

I can't hang out here any more.. My mother doesn't let me go where there is excessive potty talk.

Seriously, cool shot. But, it had to be an awkward photo shoot...

Anonymous said...

Timing is everything on these bathroom phots, you just have to go into the bathrooms when no one else is :-)

one trick that can work is go into restrooms at restaurants at off dining hours, or better yet if the restaurant has limited hours (El Pirate Y El Perico for instance) or closes for refurbrishment but the restrooms are still open, that is a good time, an attraction closure can also empty a restroom, for instance the restrooms at Splash moutain are usually packed with folks tring to dry off from the ride, but if you happen to walk up when it has been down long enough for guests that were in it to cycle out you can find it empty then (both of these are example where i really have the photos to prove it too!)