Monday, March 17, 2008

Lighting the Way

As I previously explored in my tour of benches, the individual countries that make up World Showcase have all been given extremely careful attention when it comes to theming. This time, I am going to take a similarly obscure trip around the World and explore the various light poles.

The generic World Showcase style takes on elements from each country and combines them to create a truly unique form.

Canada's design features rustic elements from the Pacific Northwest, including natural wood, wrought iron, and a lantern.

The United Kingdom light pole has a design like what you would expect to find outside your local pub.

France's light features a graceful, elegant design on top and conical-shaped glass.

Morocco's dual light fixture has colored glass and ornate design work in every component.

Japan's lantern is styled like a delicate wooden temple.

The American Adventure has colonial style lighting, with a gas lamp appearance.

The beautiful stained glass lighting of Italy seems to take its influence from the Gothic and Renaissance architecture of Venice

Germany's lighting features subtle elegance in its yellow glass and detailed ironwork, which carries down into hooks for the hanging plants.

The African Outpost takes a unique approach, where its lighting become more sculptural and organic with colorful patterns.

Like the Japanese style, the Chinese lighting seems to take an architectural form in brilliant red and gold.

Norway's lighting has a very rustic look to it, something that you would expect to find in a seaside town, with an added embellishment of a metal crown finial.

Mexico's lighting features dark, ornate metalwork and textured glass, giving it a rich look.