Friday, October 5, 2007

A Photo Retrospective of Monday

As requested, here are a few of my photos from Monday's Celebration 25:

The flower logo topiary with a special 25th Anniversary sign

Just a small segment of the massive line to buy the limited edition Figment plush and shirts. These items sold out park-wide only a few hours after park opening!

And here they are! The special shirts and Figments (or what is left of them!).

The crowd assembles for the Re-dedication ceremony at 10:01.

Celebrating the Future World pavilions during the ceremony.

Cast Members from the World Showcase pavilions bring water jugs from their respective countries to pour into the Fountain of Nations, as Imagineering legend Marty Sklar looks on.

Fireworks signal the end of the ceremony.

The World War III barges are ready for the special IllumiNations tag.

The "Bat/Cat" Figment from the original Journey Into Imagination - isn't he cute?

The wonderful Epcot 25th gallery in Innoventions West.

Give a Hand

This "Palm" tree (get it?) can be found growing in Minnie's solarium, among the dandelions, sunflowers, daisies, blue bells, and buttercups.