Monday, August 20, 2007


With Tusker House shutting its doors yesterday as a quick-service restaurant, I decided to dedicate today's entry to some of the little details found on the outside of the building.

Take a scenic hot air balloon ride above the African savanna - and RISE above it all!

It appears as if the Harambe Cultural Society is closed today...

The Pwani View Guest House was originally called the Safari View Guest Lodge. You can occasionally hear the breaking of glass or people holding conversations upstairs. Hopefully this wonderful effect will survive into the new restaurant.

Shh! The Harambe school is already in session...

Down a little ways from the seating area, you can still see some of the old props that lined the riverbank for the Discovery River boat ride. Just watch out for the dangerous currents:

Although the beach is closed, it looks like the shipments of produce have not stopped arriving.

Nor have the warning signs stopped an overzealous beachgoer.