Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Disney Subway

To start, I'm going to head over to the Streets of America at Disney/MGM Studios. The Imagineers have done an incredible job of recreating a bustling Manhattan street, right down to the ever-present noise of honking taxi cabs.

As someone who has a quite strange love of the New York subway system (I wrote my thesis on the ceramic tile decorating the stations), I was quite pleased to find a subway station in the middle of the Studios.

It's incredibly accurate, as anyone who has been to New York can see. Yet, at first I was struck by the fact that the W and D lines do not run together, nor do they stop at 18th Street (and as pointed out to me, the D should in fact be orange and white). Then I caught myself, and realized that it is in fact one of the most clever tributes to the man behind all of the magic
that I have ever seen.


Welcome to "If We Can Dream It..."

I have held a lifelong fascination for those overlooked and under appreciated "treasures" found around Walt Disney World. It is those details that sets the Disney parks apart, and makes them special. It all adds to that magical world that is created once you step foot on property.

It is through this that I came to form this blog - a place to share and discuss those little gems that usually go unnoticed by the average guest who is in a rush to get to the next big attraction.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and please feel free to leave a comment your own favorite details found around Walt Disney World.