Thursday, November 15, 2007

Taking Out the Trash

To finish up my very brief Disneyland detail report, I thought it was only appropriate to focus on one of my favorite details: trash cans. And yes, I did have to stop and take a photo of every one I saw!

This one pretty much says it all, so it's a good place to start. Located in the entrance plaza, it features the Disneyland resort logo with Sleeping Beauty Castle and Grizzly Peak.

it's a small world gets its very own trash can design, taking inspiration from the wonderful style of Mary Blair.

The Indiana Jones trash can features a great excavation themed design, and has a grungy finish similar to what is used on the Tower of Terror trash cans at MGM.

This design is used exclusively for the Halloween season, in the entrance to California Adventure, where candy corn grows everywhere.

The Tower of Terror at California Adventure gets a design with the hotel's logo on it. While it looks great, it doesn't really fit in with the "run down" image like MGM's version does.

One interesting thing to note is the plethora of recycling trash cans around the parks. It seems like every other trash can is paired with one for bottles and cans, which is a really nice touch. Florida could take a lesson from this!