Monday, September 3, 2007

Welcome Friends!

Walt Disney's "Gayest Musical Technicolor Feature," Saludos Amigos, is the subject of a delightful puzzle that can be found framed and hanging on the wall in the Carthay Circle Theatre shop on Sunset Boulevard. The image depicts Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, El Gaucho Goofy, a resident of Lake Titicaca, and a Samba dancer similar to the woman feature on the movie poster. Noticeably absent is Pedro the Plane.

The puzzle itself is interesting for some of the pieces are unique in shape: forming the likes of such things as a bottle, a donkey, a cowboy boot, and an elephant (what the elephant has to do with Latin America is beyond me!). Normally when a puzzle is completed and framed, it is done so in its entirety, so as to create the illusion of a complete image. Yet in this instance, some of the pieces are deliberately omitted, as if capturing a moment in time, and leaving no doubt as to the true nature of this wall hanging.