Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tight Security

Near the entrance to the Backlot Express quick service restaurant, there is a small gatehouse, much like what you would normally expect to see on any typical movie studio lot.

It seems so unassuming from the outside, and most guests pass by it without a second thought. However, there is a clever little story being told inside that warrants a peek through its windows. It appears as though the guard who normally works this position is an aspiring actor him (or her) self.

There's the usual items that you would expect to see, such as a computer, a phone, and that very important mug of coffee (which reads "#1 Security Guard). But there are also a couple of acting awards and a few acting books: one propped up against the computer which seems to be in regards to the audition process, and my personal favorite - a book left sitting on the chair entitled "Acting: In Person and In Style."