Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crate Sighting!

This post is dedicated to Jeff, Lou, and all members of the CAS (that's the Crate Appreciation Society). After much searching and wandering, I finally found some interesting crates at Epcot to add to the collection.

The first is located on the Friendship boat dock in Morocco. Its location unfortunately makes it difficult to reach, but it is easily seen as you walk down the ramp. The top left corner reads "Serving Great Britain [word was obscured to me by the railing, but I assume it reads Wales] Ireland" and the bottom right corner reads "CM. Blaney Import Export Co." I guess the next question should be, who is this mysterious "Blaney?"

Other great crates can be found at the African Outpost, next to the Refreshment Coolpost. Presumably, Coca-Cola bottles are being shipped here from around the world, and the crates bear the famous logo as it is written in various languages. It is a great way to visually show that even though we are a diverse race, we are still tied together by even the simplest of objects.