Friday, March 7, 2008

Road Trip

Taking the family on a cross-country vacation is a long-standing tradition of American culture, even immortalized in the 1938 short Mickey's Trailer, and it is celebrated at the Pop Century Resort. During the busier hours, this Airstream-shaped kiosk located by the bus stop opens up to become a free-standing merchandise cart selling the various items that guests might need during their time at the parks. However, the cart is far more interesting detail-wise when it is closed up.

The two large sides feature maps of Florida and California, with the respective parks clearly marked, of course.
Even the Walt Disney World logo is presented in its original form, adding to the vintage postcard look.Looking even closer, the cruise ship has a not-so-subtle reference on its smokestack.

The opposite side features such classic California icons as orange groves, a sunbathing woman, and a movie studio in addition to Sleeping Beauty Castle.

The sides of the trailer feature the trips that Mickey has taken across the country, and points out the various places of interest, which includes everything from the urban (such as New York City and Salt Lake City) to the rural (like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon).

Icons from across the country are portrayed in a whimsical style that evokes the postcards from the 1940's and 50's. In one scene, Mickey is shown riding the trailer as it is pulled by a pair of oxen on its way to Louisiana. In another, the Three Little Pigs make a cameo in Kansas to help point Mickey in the right direction.