Tuesday, March 11, 2008


When you first walk into the Great Ceremonial Hall, you may begin to feel inundated by sensory overload. There are things to see everywhere, and they are all expertly themed to make you feel like you walked into a tropical oasis. The ceiling is no exception, as it carries a pattern influenced by Polynesian culture. Yet look even more carefully, and you will find that it was designed so cleverly that you probably won't see the vents, speakers, and other items, which adds wonderfully to the resort's handcrafted appearance.


Lou Mongello - DisneyWorldTrivia.com said...

Wow, you're good!That's why yours is the only blog I read every da... err... (don't tell the other guys, OK?) ;)

Scott Johnson said...

Good eye! I haven't noticed that at all.

Ed South said...

Wow, you out-did yourself with that one!