Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fifth Dimension Mouse

The next time you find yourself in the rightmost* elevator shaft of the Tower of Terror, you just may spot a Mickey who has found himself to be a permanent resident of the Twilight Zone.

(Look for him to appear at the :06 mark)

*As you walk through the queue and/or look at the Tower from the outside


david santos said...

Thanks for your posting, Jessica!
Have a good week.

The Snake's Mommy said...

Played the video. Froze it. Stared. Froze it again. Stared some more. All I see is a mess of dots. Nothing Mickey-shaped. If I'm not the only dense one, want to add a screenshot of the exact frame, Jess?

lorilovestigger said...

Great picture Jessica!

Blixzit said...

Thats an unofficial HM. It doesn't always do it. And it is sort of elongated, as if Mickey's head is squished.