Tuesday, February 19, 2008

City of Port Orleans

To complete the illusion of the New Orleans cityscape, these authentic manhole covers can be found scattered along the concrete streets.


Lou Mongello - DisneyWorldTrivia.com said...

One of the great details in one of my favorite of the WDW Resorts. The quaint, tree-lined streets (with names like Rue d' baga... say it out loud), are simply wonderful. The covers marking the year that the resort opened are just another hidden treasure. Great catch, Jessica!!

(Just make sure you look up every now and then and watch where you're going)

Biblioadonis aka George said...

DO you ever go to work? Or do you just wander around WDW all day?

(You know that I am insanely jealous!)

Jessica said...

Haha - thanks George! Yes, I do find time to go to work, but there's always time for some park-hopping. :-)