Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Disney Subway

To start, I'm going to head over to the Streets of America at Disney/MGM Studios. The Imagineers have done an incredible job of recreating a bustling Manhattan street, right down to the ever-present noise of honking taxi cabs.

As someone who has a quite strange love of the New York subway system (I wrote my thesis on the ceramic tile decorating the stations), I was quite pleased to find a subway station in the middle of the Studios.

It's incredibly accurate, as anyone who has been to New York can see. Yet, at first I was struck by the fact that the W and D lines do not run together, nor do they stop at 18th Street (and as pointed out to me, the D should in fact be orange and white). Then I caught myself, and realized that it is in fact one of the most clever tributes to the man behind all of the magic
that I have ever seen.