Friday, November 9, 2007

Job Openings

Main Street USA is famous for its windows bearing tribute to those who have made their mark on the Disney legacy. One of the more recent additions is one to honor all of the Cast Members who create the magic on a daily basis. Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland have one, but the latter has an extra little detail that begs to be noticed: a Now Hiring page full of wonderful job listings.

Many of them make reference to beloved extinct attractions (such as Rocket to the Moon, Adventures Through Inner Space, and the Submarine Voyage), but they are all cleverly written and full of the wit that you would expect from such a hidden detail.


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Absoultely, positively brilliant!

I love the jokes. Can you find the reference to the Main St. Electrical Parade? The Seven Dwarves?

It just goes on and on and on.

I would love this in a poster-sized print for my office.

I didn't see any openings for a librarian, though...

D.O.C. said...

Love the poster, especially the ad for "One Airborne Pixie". Tiny Kline was the first Tinkerbell to fly in the fireworks show at Disneyland. I appreciate how Disney continues to pay homage to those who helped (and help) make the parks great.