Monday, November 26, 2007

Birds of a Feather

World of Disney is full of wonderful murals featuring characters both familiar and obscure in fun settings. The next time you are shopping for men's apparel, make sure you look up and check out the scene taking place above you.

The first corner features mainly characters from The Three Caballeros, with Jose and Panchito, the two toucans (who can never stand beak to beak), the scissor bird still getting his tail in trouble, and of course, the infamous Aracuan bird. Spike the bee also makes an appearance, this time without bubble gum.

Moving on, one can catch a glimpse of such characters as Grandmother Willow, Orville, Bernard, Bianca, Friend Owl, and Archimedes.

The next corner features the crows from Dumbo, the vultures from The Jungle Book, the colorful birds and owl from Sleeping Beauty, the squirrel and chipmunk from Bambi, and little Perla from Cinderella.

The final corner includes some a squirrel and some chipmunks from Sleeping Beauty, Zazu and some other savanna birds from The Lion King, the blue birds from Cinderella, Chicken Little (the original), and even the Grasshopper and some of the ants from the 1934 short.

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