Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Diamond in the Rough

Towards the back of the Morocco pavilion, in a small alcove, is a little room reserved for meet and greets with Aladdin and friends.

A hand-painted backdrop fills one wall, capturing a wonderful scene of the streets of Agrabah, complete with its very own hidden Mickey.

On the opposite side of the room, there is a little area full of Moroccan treasures, and a small table holding the story of Aladdin and a small pink rose.


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Congratulations on being mentioned on the WDW Radio Show!

I think Jeff was a little jealous of some of your great hidden details (but jealous in a good way).

Lainey Schallock said...

Thanks Jessica for your comments on my blog today. I'm really saddened by this whole closure of the gallery. But your post today made me smile which I'm grateful for. I always love stopping by daily to see what hidden treasures you have for us. Thank again - Lainey

Jessica said...

George - thank you so much! I was quite surprised, and very honored when I listened to the podcast. Disney geek, and proud of it! :-) But Jeff definitely does not need to be jealous - his knowledge and collection of details is amazing.

Lainey - thank you for your comment! I love your blog, and I too am very sad about the loss of such a wonderful place. And I too am a huge fan of Mary Blair. :-)