Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Hot Set

Returning to the Muppets and the Stage 1 Company Store yet again, this time moving inside. Set pieces from the original 3 Muppet movies are part of the decor, and it's a wonderful chance for guests to truly step into the movies.

Located just inside the doorway, one can see the Bus Station lockers from The Muppets Take Manhattan. The personalities of many of the Muppet characters truly shine through in this display.


The Big Fez said...

these aren't actual set pieces from the movies. they are all elements meant to invoke the first 3 films, but none were actually used in it.

Lou Mongello - said...

Were you following me around this past Sunday?? LOL I was taking photos of the exact same things (including the odd stares from Guests wondering what I was craning my neck to see). I just love how each cubby hole reflects the interests of the fictional owners - from the magician to the "hippy", etc. Again, thanks for helping draw attention to the wonderful details and story that Disney takes the time to create.

Jessica said...

Lou, how funny to think that we could possibly be following each other around, collecting odd stares as we go. Were you at the parks this past weekend? Let me know when you will be down next time and perhaps we can meet up at some point. Thank you again for your kind comments.