Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Splash Mountain!

While July 17th is a very special day to Disney fans everywhere as Disneyland's birthday, I did not want a particular attractions birthday to get lost in the shuffle. Splash Mountain also celebrated a birthday, fifteen years of delighting and soaking guests at the Magic Kingdom. The wonderful details throughout make it a thrill ride with a lot of heart.

Happy birthday Splash Mountain!


Biblioadonis aka George said...

Thanks for reminding us!

I am looking forward to my three year old's first trip on Splash the next time we go.

My eight year old rides it with trepidation and excitement. Mainly because he know his uncle Andrew (the other Disney Geek loves it!

Lou Mongello - said...

Thanks for the reminder!!!

(Lou queues up the BGM track for this at work, a smile corsses his face, and for a brief moment, he's imagining boarding a log to take a wonderful ride through one of WDW's best atractions)....

Then my phone rings and ruins it! ;)

Great post! Thanks again!!

M said...

My favorite current WDW attraction.

If I would have read your blog on the 17th, I would of realized it was Splash Mountain's birthday. I have a great pre-opening poster for the ride that I could have posted.