Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Train Runs Through It

About 10 years ago, the miniature train garden in Germany was originally included as a special addition for the Flower and Garden Festival, but it proved so popular with guests that it remained as a permanent fixture. A miniature Bavarian village is created in wonderful detail, complete with gardens, waterfalls, and a country fair. Even in decorating the tiny town, the designers did not lose sight of the area's true roots, and decked out the buildings with their own little Flower and Garden banners.


John said...

This is one of my son's favorite places to go at Epcot. He'll run around watching the trains for 20 minutes if I let him.

Alas, while there are new trains and tracks, the buildings, people, and (worst of all) the trees are in need of some TLC. They used to maintain the trees at the correct scale, but now not so much. I meant to take pictures this weekend, but the condition was so horrible, I took mercy and decided to avoid the subject all together on the blog. Hopefully the park will do some improvements in the news few weeks or I will post about the horrible state of affairs. Le sigh.


Anonymous said...

Some people are always finding fault and will always find something to complain about. I happen to love the train garden and the many details that make Disney what it is. Keep up the great posts!

John said...

Dear Anon.,

Please have the courage of your convictions to include your name. If your point is that shoddy maintenance and unkempt attractions is good enough for Disney then you should be brave enough to own that. I am of the opinion that guests arriving in 2007 should receive the same quality show as guests arriving in previous years. The show around the miniature train garden is sorely lacking. All I am asking is that they maintain good show. Personally, I am hopeful they will do so soon.


D.O.C. said...

I noticed this when I was there for the festival. Again, great attention to the little details.