Monday, November 5, 2007

Bathroom Break

Cleverly themed bathroom signs are nothing new with Disney, but here are three of my favorites from the west coast.

Aliens are people too in Tomorrowland.

Condor Flats (home to Soarin' Over California) gets pilot-themed signs.

These signs can be found in the Pacific Wharf area of Disney's California Adventure.


Unknown said...

The Alien Braille is wonderful!

Uh, great catch, Jessica.

Princess Fee said...

That is a brilliant post!
My friend and I like to take pictures of all the different floors in Disney - maybe my obsession isn't that weird after all!
Or maybe it is...

Jessica said...

Princess Fee - I am also guilty of taking photos of the bathroom floors (my mom and I have always talked about making a quilt based on the various tile patterns). I've resisted posts on the subject since it might be seen as a sensitive topic, but you are definitely not alone! :-)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I loved these! Nice pictures by the way. Perhaps I need to post the ones we loved from Disneyland as well (my wife loved the Alice in Wordnerland signs and I loved the Toontown garage bathroom signs).